Four Popular Bar and Grill Restaurant Chains - Ivory Bar and Grill
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Four Popular Bar and Grill Restaurant Chains

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Four Popular Bar and Grill Restaurant Chains

Four Popular Bar and Grill Restaurant Chains

In this article we will list a few of the most popular bar and grill restaurant chains around. Due to decor and menus that are the same at all locations, bar and grill restaurant chains offer a certain comfortable sense of familiarity. As such, they are usually popular in areas that have large amounts of tourists or travelers.

The idea of chain restaurants is many times credited to Harland Sanders, more popularly known as “Colonel Sanders.” When he “franchised” out his secret recipes, restaurant that served his food seem to be at a certain advantage as locals and travelers alike, know exactly what to expect. Nowadays thanks to that, almost every cuisine under the sun has some sort of restaurant chain attached to it.

Now what are the top bar and grill restaurant chains for you is really all about personal preference. However, here is a list of some of the ones that people seem to like the most.

1. Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse has become a popular American casual dining restaurant chain that is Australian-themed and based in Tampa, Florida. Founded by Chris T. Sullivan, Bob Basham, Tim Gannon and Trudy Cooper in Tampa, Florida in February 1988, it is now operate by OSI Restaurant Partners in the United States and other contract and franchise agreements internationally. It now offers over one thousand two hundred locations in twenty three countries throughout North America, South America, Australia, Europe and Asia.

2. Chili´s

Chili’s Grill and Bar is a casual, international dining restaurant chain that offers a Tex-Mex style cuisine. In 1975, it was founded in Texas by Larry Levine and is now under ownership and being operated by Brinker International. Chili´s is a leading dining restaurant company that through the years has received numerous accolades due to its outstanding performance.

3. TGI Friday´s

TGI Friday´s is a highly popular American restaurant chains whose focus is on casual dining. This company belongs to TriArtisan Capital Partners and Sentinel Capital Partners who in May, 2014 purchased TGI Friday´s from Carlson Companies. Its name is derived from the popular expression, TGIF and the company maintains that it stands for “Thank Goodness It´s Friday!”

4. Hard Rock Cafe

The chain of theme restaurants called Hard Rock Cafe International, Inc. was founded by Americans Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett in London in 1971. It was in 1979 that Hard Rock Cafe International, Inc. started covering its walls with all kinds of rock and roll memorabilia, this tradition then expanded to others within the chains. Since Hard Rock Cafe International, Inc. was sold to the Seminole tribe of Florida in 2007, it has been headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

There are many popular and often frequented bar and grill restaurant chains all over the world. They are popular due to the decor, menus and traditions that can be counted on regardless of the location that you visit. Your personal favorites may vary, however the four popular bar and grill restaurant chains mentioned above have stood the test of time and continue to be favorites from generation to generation.

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